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        We are providing here about learning something interesting and creative thoughts and facts which will blow your mind.


              My name is "Shankar Adipadia" a professional Digital marketer, Blogger and YouTuber. After completion of my studies in my local area sunabeda-2 , which is located in koraput district of Odisha. I moved to Bhubaneswar for my other exastudies as a competitor for Banking exams. After failure of 3 banking exams I thought about earning and now I am in this field.

             Initially I was making money from affiliate marketing and now working on these professions as well.

            As I was say that above , I was a job seeker. After failure of 3 exams , thought about , why should I do 9 to 5 job under a boss , why not work on my convenience job and decided to be my own boss then I started my career by following my passion.

             Now I am working on my passion and this is my journey of earning life.


  What are Shankar Adipadia's areas of interests ?        

   I love blogging , traveling , interest in Digital marketing  and love to               making new friends.                                           

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    Email  :  ShankarA965@gmail.com                                                          


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